The Native Guide to the Digital Jungle

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Online Presence

The digital base camp in the Internet of today is more than a good looking website. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube... they have all emerged as major campsites in the digital ecosphere and a successful online presence must navigate between them A Digital Native Design specializes in bringing all of the aspects of the internet of today and tommorow together, making each part of the social media landscape come together to form a complete package.

Website Design

Website design is at the core of the Native's work. Nothing the Native creates comes from a kit or package - everything is custom-designed and hand coded to the exacting specifications of our clients.

Graphic Design

Though the Native is most often found in the digital jungle, every so often designs that start on the computer screen end up in the offline world. Logos and graphics are an essential part of any identity, digital or analog. The Native's custom creations aren't limited to the internet any more than today's digital identities are limited to one website. From posters to business cards, brochures to postcards and everything in between, the Native creates them all - and like everything the Native does, each design is custom-made for the client.

Virtual Worlds

A new digital jungle is slowly emerging as the 2-D world grows and expands into 3-D, interactive spaces. It is a vast new expanse, ready to be shaped to the needs of its users. From the first log-in to establishing a living, breathing 3-D headquarters in the virtual universe, A Digital Native will be your guide to the vast new ecospheres of Second Life and beyond.

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