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A little-known fact about the Digital Native: in another life, she's also an actor. And so she has set out to meld the two worlds, bringing her knowledge and experience in the digital space to the assistance of her fellow actors.

The website of an actor is a bit different than that of an organization, an individual, or a business. Actors have to juggle resumes, headshots, reels, biographies, news, publicity, auditions - and then have to be able to step away from it all so they can do the job and act. Websites have to cater to the desires and needs of casting directors, agents, and industry insiders - and hopefully fans. And at the end of the day, it has to be easy for actors to update their credits.

An actor’s digital needs don’t stop with a website. In today's networked world, headshots and resumees go through email instead of the post office. Self-promotion is critical. Email newsletters and printed postcards go hand-in-hand. The successful actor is a one-person marketing powerhouse. And the Native will help you create your personal marketing empire.

Special Actors’ services include…

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